51+ Happy Republic Day 2023 India – Images, Wishes, Status, SMS, Quotes, Greetings, HD Wallpapers

Republic day is an important day in India. It marks the date on which the Constitution (The book of Rules and regulations) of India came into force. On Republic Day, India’s country, New Delhi witnesses the Republic day parade, which symbolizes the strength of Indian military forces including army force, air force and navy force, the diversity of countries landscapes and cultures. It’s obvious that a feeling of patriotism runs through the whole body of every Indian on this day. On Jan 26th, many parades are conducted in Delhi which is performed as an honor to India.Republic day celebration is a huge national event celebration in India especially for students in the schools, colleges, and other government institutions. This is a great and auspicious occasion for all of us. We should greet each other and pray to God for the development and prosperity of our nation.

Reciting Poems, Poetry and sending Messages, SMS, Greetings, and wishes is also an Important Part of Celebrating Republic Day. So, Here Are some wallpapers, poems, poetry, quotes and sayings, wishes and greetings and SMS and Messages Which You Can Send To your Friends, Family, And Relatives and create a sense of patriotism in their minds.

Happy Republic Day Poems And Poetry In Hindi.

Kehte hain alvida hum ab is jahaan ko,Jaakr Khuda ke ghar se phir aaya na jaayega…Ahle-e-vatan agarche humein bhool jaayenge,Ahal-e-vatan ko humse bhulaya na jaayega…Zulmo-sitam se tang naa aayenge hum kabhi,Humse sare-niyaaz jhukaya na jaayega…Isse ziyada aur sitam kya karenge vo,Isse ziyada unse sataya na jaayega…Yeh sach hai, maut humko mita degi dahar se,Lekin hamara naam mitaya na jaayega…
Azad Bharat K Nikamo,Kal Agar Dipawali Ya New Year HotaTo Aaj SMS Ki Line Laga DeteAb Kam Band Karo Aur Sabko Msg Karo.Happy Republic Day Chak De India

DESH bahkto ki balidaan se,SWATNATRA huye hai hum..koi puche kon ho,to GRAV se kahenge.Bhartiya hai hum…HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY
Main iska Hanuman hoonYe desh mera RAM hai,Chhati chir ke dekh loAndar baitha HindustanJay Hind!Happy Republic Day.

Aao jhuk kar salam kare unko,Jinke hisse me ye mukam aata hai,Khusnasib hota hai wo khoonJo desh ke kaam aata hai,“HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY

Kash Koi Ham Se Puch Leta Ke Tum Bhi Pyar Karte HoDil Me Koi Muhabbat He Ke Ase Hi Aah Bhrte HoKasam Se Ham Unhe Kewal Sach Hi BatateJo Puch Lete WoHamare Dil Me Kewal Watan Basa He,Ashiyana Deta He Jo… Jai Ho…
Yeh Paed Yeh Patte Shakeih Bhi Pareshan Ho Jaye ,Agar Parinde Bhi Hindu Aur Muslman Ho Jaye ,Na Masjid Ko Jante H Na Shivalyo Ko Jante H ,Jo Bhukhe Pet Hote H Vo Niwaloo Ko Jante H ,Mera Yehi Andazz Jamane Ko Khalta H ,Ki Mera Chirag Hawa K khilaf Kyo Jalta H…M Aman Pasand Hoo , Mere Shahar M Danga Rhne Do…Lal Or Hare M Mat Baanto,Meri Chhat Pe Tiranga Rhne Do..

Happy Republic Day Poems And Poetry In English

Better than Heaven or ArcadiaI love thee, O my India!And thy love I shall giveTo every brother nation that lives.God made the Earth;Man made confining countriesAnd their fancy-frozen boundaries.But with unfound boundless loveI behold the borderland of my IndiaExpanding into the World.Hail, mother of religions, lotus, scenic beauty, and sages!Thy wide doors are open,Welcoming God’s true sons through all ages.Where the Ganges, woods, Himalayan caves, andmen dream God –I am hallowed; my body touched that sod.


Color my heart, into tricolor
Left one with orange
Gives me courage and trained me to do sacrifice
Right one is filled with green
Have faith and make others one
Where ever when I go, the taste of happiness..
Always found.
And O God please fills
White into middle
that I can passage a feast of..
Calm and peace
And never let down to any one in my reach.
Please fill these tricolors on me
Please fill this tricolor on me
Vande Matram


Freedom In The Mind,
Strength In The Words,
Pureness In Our Blood,
Pride In Our Souls,
Zeal In Our Hearts,
Lets Salute Our India On Republic Day.
Happy Republic Day!

 Never Forget The HerosWho Sacrificed Their LivesTo Bring Up This Glorious Day To India,
Happy Republic Day.



India Republic Day SMS And Messages.

“Wish you a very happy #Republicday 2017On this day think of our past andTry to built better future for all of us…It is a duty of all of us!!I am proud to be an Indian.Happy Republic Day”

“Watan hamara aisa koi na chhod paaye,
Rishta hamara aisa koi na tod paaye,Dil ek hai, ek jaan hai hamari,Hindustan hamara hai hum iski shaan hain.
Happy Republic Day..!!”


Let us remember the golden heritage of our country and feel proud to be a part of India. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY

Our life is full of colors and I hope this 26th January will add more colors in ur life.Happy Republic Day

“मत करो हमारे देश प्रेम पर शक ऐ ग़ालिबजहां तुम ना जा सके आज तकवहाँ भी हमने तिरंगा फहरा दिया..”

“On This Day Think Of Our Past
And Try To Built Better FutureFor All Of Us, It Is A DutyOf All Of Us. I Am Proud To Be
An Indian. Happy Republic Day.

India Republic Day Quotes, Messages And Sayings



Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.
“वही सफल होता है, जिसका काम उसे निरन्तर आनन्द देता है”
“Respect yourself if you would have others respect you.”
“एकाग्रता से ही विजय मिलती है”

“In a good bookroom, you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, without even opening them.”


“जीवन में सफलता का रहस्य, हर आने वाले अवसर के लिए तैयार रहना है”

“The one you buy will be the only one that doesn’t work.”

“असफलता केवल यह सिद्ध करती है कि प्रयत्न पूरे मन से नहीं हुआ”


Happy Republic Day Wishes And Greetings

“When they resisted the booming and shelling of the colonial guns, our founder fathers wanted nothing bur sovereignty for this nation. Let us always defend this gift from our predecessors. Happy Republic Day!”

“May the brightest star in its course visit no land freer, happier, lovelier, than this our own land. Best wishes to you on this Republic Day!”

“Let every teacher teach the student how to love this nation, let every parent instill in his or her sons and daughters the beauty of our nation. Happy Republic Day!”

“Today, let us remember the golden heritage of our country and feel proud to be a part of India.”

Saluting India! Where each bud blooms in its true colors, where each day is a celebration of unity, harmony, and synthesis. Happy Republic Day

Happy India Republic Day Wallpapers, Images HD 2019


Vande Matram!!!