97+ Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes – Images, Wishes, Messages, Quotes and Duas

Anniversaries are an unforgettable and memorable occasion that happens once a year. These Islamic marriage anniversary wishes differ from other types. These wishes should include duas, blessings, and appreciation. These Islamic anniversary wishes will enable you to express your feelings. For a happy anniversary of marriage, pray and say duas to your spouse, siblings and parents. This moment can be made unforgettable by positive vibes and duas.

Wedding Anniversary Dua.

Happy Wedding Anniversary! Allah grants you eternal companionship!

We send you all the best blessings from Allah on your marriage. Happy Nikah Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to my love. May Allah keep our relationship strong for all eternity In sha Allah.

Happy Anniversary! Happy anniversary! Your marriage will be successful.

I’m thankful to Allah that He has given you to me, and I’ll keep you mine forever. Happy Marriage Anniversary!

We wish you a happy marriage anniversary! Our dua to this holy pair

Allah has blessed me with your love, and I will cherish you forever. Happy anniversary.

Your husband and you are the most beautiful couple that I have ever seen. Barak Allah! Allah’s protection, blessings and peace be with you. Be happy. Happy anniversary

Allah gives happiness to those who live together. Pray to Allah for your continued happiness. We wish you a joyful and happy anniversary.

Your example is an excellent example of Allah answering my Dua. Thanks for completing my deen. We wish you a happy birthday.

You are my Akhirah, and Duniya queen. I love you for your Imaan. Happy anniversary.

Islamic Wedding Wishes.

Alhamdulillah! Both of you walked together! It’s a blessing. I wish that you and your partner walk hand-in–hand for the rest your lives. Be happy for all eternity. Happy anniversary

Alhamdulillah, another great year with you, dear. Sha Allah, may Allah keep all of us together for ever.

You and your husband are a lovely couple. I send you my sincere congratulations and lots of love for your anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Dear! You and your spouse are in our thoughts and prayers.

Only marriage is successful if you can live together in all circumstances. This is a sign Allah is always with us. Happy Anniversary, dear!

Happy anniversary, love! We have achieved another milestone with the help of Allah!

Happy Wedding Anniversary, dear! You have shown kindness and generosity to me, dear. Allah blesses us all with His blessings.

Thank you, Allah, for blessing me with the most kind, thoughtful, and spiritual husband. You are my anniversary!


Happy Nikah Anniversary wishes for Parents.

Mubarak to Mom & Dad for another happy anniversary. My Duas will always be there for you.

Alhamdulillah, another wonderful year of love and happiness. Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom.

I love you, and I am very proud of you both, because you deserve to be this happy, you got through your ups and downs, not every couple can do that you know. I pray to God that the light of love never stops glowing!

Happy anniversary to both of you, Mummy and Papa; You both are the best couple in the world. We are very much thankful and the luckiest person to get both of you as a parent!

Allah is the God who brings you together and gives you happiness forever after. May Allah keep you in His happiness forever!

Mashallah, you’re the best husband and father in the entire world. We wish you a happy anniversary. Allah bless and keep you well.

Happy anniversary to Mom and Dad. You’ve shared another year of happiness, thanks to Allah’s grace. Allah bless you and strengthen your relationship.

You’re a perfect example that Allah answered my Dua. I hope you’ll walk together rest of the life. Be happy always. Happy anniversary!

Nikah Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister.

Happy anniversary, sister. We wish you a happy marriage. May Allah keeps you happy together.

Your love will only get stronger with each passing day. My best wishes and Duas for this anniversary to you.

Sister, Happy Anniversary Mubarak Allah may increase and protect your love.

Sister, you’re one of my favourite couples! MashAllah! Allah will increase your love for you and bring Jannah to it. Sister, I wish you happy anniversary.

MashAllah you will always be in love with one another, even after all the years. Allah will make your journey more pleasant. Sister, happy anniversary.

We wish you a happy marriage anniversary. Barak Allah! Allah’s protection and blessings be with you. Always be happy.


Muslim Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother

Your love might reach Jannah’s gardens and transcend the world! Happy Anniversary

Happy anniversary, you two! We pray Allah will protect you and your bond.

This happy occasion could become your symbol for eternal happiness! Happy Nikah Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Brother! May the bounties of heaven be showered upon you. I hope your marriage is filled with love, joy, and happiness. Congratulations!

Happy anniversary to Dear Brother. May Allah bless you with a long life together. I Hope this new year brings a lot of happiness and joy in your life.


Nikah’s Anniversary Wishes.

Dear, It is a pleasure hearing about your anniversary. I look forward to an anniversary party! All the best, Allah bless you! Your happiness is my prayer. Happy Anniversary Mubarak

Allah bless you and all your family. Mashallah, another year in your glory. It’s such a pleasure to meet you as a cute couple. Happy anniversary!

Allah! Peace to the most beautiful couple. You are the Merciful! They must be shown mercy! Both of you must show mercy to them!

Mubarak for your nikah anniversary! Remember, the best person on the planet is the one who raises Iman the most. All the best!

Our creator! I have a wish! Today is the anniversary of the most adorable couple. You can strengthen your relationship and increase your love. Dua to bring happiness and peace into your home

Allah, Allah! You are the greatest creator. You are the greatest creator. Send them love, faith, and happiness in Jannah. Dua for peace and love in the family


Nikah Anniversary Wishes Images.