50+ Star Wars Happy Birthday Wishes – Images, Greetings, Quotes & Memes

Star Wars is a global media phenomenon that is based on the American epic space opera. It is not something that many people know. This franchise has a lot of passionate fans. These people are crazy about everything related to the franchise. You may know someone like this and wish them a happy birthday. You are in the right place. We are proud to present the Best Star Wars Birthday Images, Wishes, and more. These wishes will leave star wars lovers in awe. It will also be an outside the box wish. They won’t expect it. They will be happy and excited all at once. Let’s get started.

Star Wars Happy Birthday Wishes.

‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…’ you were born.
‘May the force be with you’ on your birthday.
Yoda says, “A happy birthday you will have.”
‘Do, or do not’ have a happy birthday. ‘There is no try.’
Use the force to blow out your candles and make a wish.
Urrrrrrr Uhhhhrr Urrrr! (Happy Birthday! from Chewbacca)
There are enough light sabres on your cake now to light up a room.
Age matters not. Celebrate you must.
Compared to Yoda, you aren’t old at all.
Happy Birthday you rebel scum.
Have a happy birthday! It is your destiny.
May the fork be with you when you eat some birthday cake.
You’ll always be my young padawan.
“Give you a present I will, but first, we eat cake.” -Yoda
Wookie who just got a little older.
Eat the cake and let the sugar flow through you.
Happy Birthday to the best Jedi in the galaxy.
The Empire wishes you a happy birthday.
You are the Obi-Wan I know having a birthday today.
“Beep boo boo beep boop!” (Happy Birthday from R2D2)
I felt your presents, birthday presents that is.

Star Wars Happy Birthday Wishes Images