51+ Happy Birthday Husband: Cake Image, Wishes, Quotes, Messages

Happy Birthday Sms & Messages For Partner In English 

The warmest birthday wishes to my wonderful husband! Your loving hug is like a shelter from all the storms of life. Thank you for being there for me always!

You are so essential to me that I cannot imagine my world without you. Happy birthday to my amazing husband!

Today is your special day and I‘m going to be your personal Genie. Every wish of yours will be fulfilled, my lord.

I feel so blessed because God gave me the smartest and most loving husband. May your day be full of happy moments, dear!

Happy birthday to my perfect husband, bringing so much joy and laughter into my life. May all your deepest dreams start coming true, honey!

Your love makes every day of my life so warm and sunny. Happy birthday to my sunshine!

Thank you for supporting me and cheering me up when I am down. You are a true gift of God to me. I love you more and more with every passing year. Happy birthday to you, dear hubby!

Happy birthday, hubby! It‘s your Day, so let‘s celebrate it in a special and extremely amazing way!

Our marriage is like a beautiful dream for me, it is an amazing feeling to be your wife. I love you so much, honey, happy birthday to you!

I am the happiest woman, because there is an amazing man beside me, bringing so many wonderful moments into my life. Enjoy your day, honey, I love you.

I feel so thankful for all the lovely moments that we shared. You are the best husband in the world for me. Happy birthday, darling!

As we travel the way of life, my feelings for you are getting stronger every single day. May your Birthday shimmer with all of the colors you dream of!

Happy Birthday Messages & SMS For Future Husband In Hindi 

Pyar ka ehsaas ho aap,
Hamare dil ke pass ho aap,
Apko mile jahan ki sari khushiya
Kyoki sab se jada khas ho aap.

Hamari mohabbat aap ho,
Hamare labo ki hasi aap ho,
Aapko mile har pal mein hazaro khushiya
Kyoki hamari pyari jindgi aap ho.

Zamane ki har khushi apke liye layege,
Aasma ke sare sitare apke liye layege,
Apko mile gi aaj har pal mein khushi
Kuch is tarha apko hum moabbat dikhayenge.

Sare jahan se khushiya hum layenge aapke liye,
Is duniya ko phoolo se sajaye gaye apke liye,
Banaye aaj apke din ka har pal khusbsurat
Jise hum pyar se sajayege apke liye.

Hamare hothon ki hasi naam apke kar denge,
Har khusi ko qurban aap per kar denge,
Aaj kare gaye kuch aisa ki
Subha ko khushi se or shaam ko pyar se bhar denge.

ख्वाहिशों के समंदर के सब मोती तेरे नसीब हो,
तेरे चाहने वाले हमसफ़र तेरे हरदम करीब हों,
कुछ यूँ उतरे तेरे लिए रहमतों का मौसम,
कि तेरी हर दुआ, हर ख्वाहिश कबूल हो।
जन्मदिन की बधाई!

Aap wo phool ho jo gulshan mein nahin khilte,
Par jis pe aasmaan ke farishte bhi fakr hai karte,
Aap ki zindagi hadd se zyada kimti hain,
Janam din aap hamesha mnaye yu hi hanste hanste.
Janamdin Mubarak

Janm Din Ke Yeh Khaas Lamhe Mubarak,
Aankho Mein Base Naye Khwab Mubarak,
Zindgi Jo Lekar Aayi Hai Aapke Liye Aaj..
Woh Tamaam Khushiyo Ki Haseen Saugat Mubarak.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Poems, Songs, And Shayari For Husband. 

Your love is sweeter than honey
Your love is more precious to me than money
Thank you for being my companion on this sweet journey
You’re the love of my life
And I’m so blessed to be your wife 

Thoughts of you make me smile
Thoughts of you make me glad
Alive and beautiful is your love
I wish you nothing but the best
Happy birthday, darling
You’ll forever be my heart’s king 

Gul ko Ghulshan Mubarak.
Shair ko Shahiry Mubarak…
Chand ko Chandni Mubarak.
Ashiq ko uski Mehbooba Mubarak…
Hamari taraf se aap ko… Aapka Janam Din Mubarak

Happy Birthday Wishes for Fiancé

Phoolon ne Amrit ka jaam bheja hai
Sooraj ne gagan se Salam bheja hai
Mubarak ho Aapko Naya Janam Din
Tahe-Dil se Humne ye Paigaam bheja hai

Being with you makes me gay
Loving you makes my day
As you celebrate your birthday today
May God’s blessings in your life always keep sorrow at bay
Happy birthday 


Your love is sweeter than honey
Your love is more precious to me than money
Thank you for being my companion on this sweet journey
You’re the love of my life
And I’m so blessed to be your wife 

Yeh din yeh mahina yeh tareekh jab jab aayi,
Hum ne kitne pyar se janam din ki mehfil sajaayi,
Har shamaa par naam likh diya dosti ka,
Iss ki roshni mein chand jaisi teri surat hai samaayi.

Janmdin Mubaraq!

Happy Birthday Husband Facebook and Whatsapp Status 

I could never stay mad at you forever. My love makes no room for grudges. Wishing you a wonderful birthday. 

The day we met, our fates were sealed. From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew I would become your wife. We wouldn’t stand a chance trying to fight the love that was there from the beginning. Happy Birthday, Hubby! 

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband. They say the passing of time is inevitable, but I couldn’t imagine it would make me love you more and more each day. 

No worries, dear. With every new wrinkle, my love extends beyond your fleeting good looks. Happy Birthday. 

I know that it’s your birthday. But every year, I feel like I deserve a reward for putting up with you for another year. 

Tonight, I wish to dance the night away with you under the moonlight. Sharing this night with you means a lot to me. Have a magical birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday to the most kind-hearted and thoughtful husband alive. Loving you is always easy. 

Putting a smile on your face is my number one goal today. You mean the world to me. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. 

Happy Birthday to the King of my heart, the man of my dreams, and the love of my life. 

I am wishing you the sincerest of birthday wishes on today. Every word comes straight from the heart. 

My love for you grows and grows forever. I am always discovering new reasons to love you. You’re an amazing husband and I feel so lucky. Have a great birthday, dear. 

Dear Husband, I pray that you are blessed with every desire of your heart. Happy Birthday. 

Happy Birthday Wishes For Future Husband with Love  

Today is a great occasion to tell you that you are the most amazing person I have ever met in all my life. Warm wishes honey, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, dear Fiance! May you always fly high in life and touch all your dreams.

I’m so lucky to be blessed with a man like you next to me.
Sometimes life lets me down, but I know that when I come home, you are always there to pull me up.
Happy Birthday to my the one and only!

Happy Birthday, sweet honey! Wish that you always have a plenty of good friends standing by your side every birthday.

It seems such a great occasion to say that you make this world a better place to live in. I’m glad I have met you. Wishing all your dreams come true!

Happy Birthday, my dear hubby! I’m so glad that God sent you into this world!

Only you with your generous heart could warm my world with so much love. Happy Birthday to my husband and my true love!

Happy Birthday to the most loving, inspiring, and simply the best husband in the world! Lots of love, hugs, and kisses coming your way!

Happy Birthday, my dearest Husband! Love you and wish that your demand for my love is never-ending!

Happy Birthday wishes to my Husband’s Images